This is the website of our wonderful pinscher boys, Stretto from kennel Magleddies in Sweden, and Flaks from kennel Megamagee in Finland. 

Feel free to browse the site, look at some photos and read more about them. 

We appreciate greetings either in Stretto´s old blog or in our guestbook.

Courses and activities we have attended, see the page "About us". If you want to contact us, please see the bottom of the page. 


10.june:  Flaks page updated with health results, HD: A/A, ED: 0/0! 

2.may, Lidköping, Sweden: Megamagee Legato Lungo CAC, CACIB, BOB —> swedish champion! 

7. & 8.march, Drammen: Magleddies Mostawesome got two more 1.prizes in rally obedience, and with that the official title RL1! This is Stretto´s third working title. 

14.february, Hadeland: Magleddies Mostawesome got a 1.prize in rally obedience! 08.february, Oslo (first show this year) Megamagee Legato Lungo BOB! 

1.november; Oslo:  Megamagee Legato Lungo BOB!                   

Flaks NUCH