My name is Ane Bråten, and I live mith my fiance Martin in the center of Oslo, capitol of Norway. 

Martin works with IT, I work within administration. Activities with the dogs are a big part of our free time, but we are also very interested in flavors and taste of food and drinks. Martin has developed a passion for bicycles, and we also have a veteran car that we are going to rebuild. So we have a lot of things to do:) Our biggest passion in life is to enjoy it as much as we can.  We dream about a house in the country, and several acres of land. 

I am also very active in the Norwegian Pinscher club. I´m a member of the board, and board member in the breeding commity. Active in the club´s blood tracking commite and administrator of the club´s sites online. 

Stretto is the first dog we have together, and he is a loving family dog.

He loves to be a part of everything, learns quickly, quicker than us :) 

So with him we receive the opportunity to test many different dog-sports.

We have trained some agility and obedience at a local dog club, and have attended many different courses.

Martin attends blood-tracking competitions with Stretto.

Rallyobedience is the most recent sport we have been familiarized with, and both me and Stretto love this quick and fun dogsport.  We have competed in rally and achieved the bronzemedal. ( Qualified to upper level )

We also enter different dog shows. Very pleased with the results in the ring so far.

The rest of the time we spend hanging  out on the sofa, enjoy long walks, and meet other dogfriends of Stretto.

Our planned goals is to get more 1.prices in bloodtracking, and get some more competition experience. Martin and Stretto will also start tracking animals by scent, and Flaks´s will attend a bloodtracking course spring 2013. Then we will see what happens, and have fun while we are doing it :) 

We train with positive reinforcement. 

                             Attended courses: ( All courses are with Martin, Ane and Stretto 

                     Puppyclass ( Hund i sentrum)

                     Obedience ( Hund i sentrum)

                     "Miljø og toleransekurs" ( Hund i sentrum)

                     Obedience competition ( Hund i sentrum)

                     Agility beginner ( Petter Nordlien, i regi av Hund i sentrum)

                     Tracking technicues ( Lars Christian Aaserød, i regi av Hund i sentrum)

                     Handling ( Hugo Quevedo, i regi av Oslo Hundeskole)  Ane and Stretto

                     Working/rescue dog course ( Widar J. Bratlie, i regi av NorskPinscherKlubb)

                     Bloodtracking ( Jan Erik Haugen/ Mona Andersen )

                     Bloodtracking upper level ( Jan Erik Haugen/Mona Andersen ) 

                            Seminar at the norwegian pinscher club  -  Ane              

                            Seminar with Turid Rugaas - Ane

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