Flaks NUCH

                                             NO SE UCH MEGAMAGEE LEGATO LUNGO «FLAKS»

Flaks comes from kennel Megamagee in Finland, and is a very much wanted addition in our home. Flaks is from Stretto`s litter, with the lovely Megamagee Meliza Muflone, "Lisa». 

Lisa is from the interesting and important pinscher/schnauser crossbreeding project in Finland, and we are very happy that we are getting these bloodlines to Norway. I have high hopes for this combination, and it will be so exciting to see the little guy grow up. 

Flaks is 5th. generation from the pinscher/schnauser crossbreeding project. 

As his father, his name got an explanation. Lungo is the opposite of ristretto, where Stretto´s name is from. But it´s in the same family, and means "extension of".                                    Legato means legacy. Combined this means long legacy. Which we find very appropriate based on where he is from. Flaks means "lucky", and he got that as his common name just because we feel so lucky that we are getting this little fellow. And it has a nice ring to it as well. 

Flaks is a very easy dog, who is eager to please, and he loves everyone. He is a very happy fellow with great energy, that likes to show his happiness! We have been to puppyclass, bloodtracking course and working course. He has been to intro and beginners course in agility, and now we are practising agility once a week. Due to his easy nature I can have him off leash when we practise, even with lots of other dogs and people around us. He has lots of play in him, so he can be both motivated and rewarded with toys. And of course treats, but toys are the best. Since we find that his personality fits working with hobbies like agility, we have decided to go for agility for now. But we might take up bloodtracking later on. 

Flaks showresults so far: Norwegian and swedish champion, CACIB                                                                           

Flaks has conducted MH description in Karlstad, Sweden, may 25. 2014.    

He was his happy self during and after the test, and passed it with playfullness, without aggresion, without any post fear, and without reaction to shooting. It was raining heavily in Karlstad parts of the day, (luckily not heavily when we did the description)  and the wet toy they used was like crypronite for Flaks. He wanted to play, but no way he would grab that wet toy ;)  But when he got the dry toy at the latest elememt, the shooting, he grabbed on like he normally does. Very happy with his description and how he handled all the elements.

Short video of shooting/play : YouTube Long video of all elements: YouTube

Results/scores can be seen here (only in swedish) : Kennel Megamagee

IMG 0885

 10months old