stretto standing

                                                       C.I.B NORD UCH AD NVCH RL1

                                             MAGLEDDIES MOSTAWESOME «Stretto"


He has just the personality we want, give´s us a laugh every day, and  he can participate in everything. We simply love him. Stretto is inteliigent and independent, has a ton of charm and is a very calm and collected type. He loves tracking, and he loves life. 

Stretto has achieved bronze medal in rally obedience, he competes in blood tracking and is norwegian tracking champion. He is planned to track animals using fresh scent as well spring 2014. 

We train some agility for fun as well, cycling and skiing, and of course hiking all year round. Stretto loves to be a part of everything, but also enjoy doing nothing. So the sofa is also in good use in our house. 

 If you wonder where his name come from, explanation will now follow;)

Sense both me and Martin are a bit over average interested in coffee, and his father´s name was exactly that, we knew it had to be related to coffee. 

So he got his name from the italian coffee "ristretto", which is a small, 

powerful coffee with red crema. And that fit´s well sence Stretto is b/t as well;) 

 So then you know why he is called Stretto.

Stretto is also the proud father of eight puppies at kennel Megamagee, where our very own Flaks is from. It will be so exciting to follow the puppies, especially as close as we now have the opportunity to do. 

More info about the litter, see: Kennel Megamagee

Stretto is also tested for B-lokus, results bcbd, carrier.